FTSE Canada Fixed Income Indexes

FTSE Canada Fixed Income

FTSE Canada has been in the business of providing the benchmark performance standards for Canadian fixed income investments since 1947. The Universe Bond Index is the broadest and most widely used measure of performance of marketable government and corporate bonds outstanding in the Canadian market.

To measure performance in the Canadian domestic bond market, FTSE Canada offers over 600+ indexes across 20+ index series, including the flagship Universe Bond Index, as well as multiple term, sector and quality sub-indexes, published on a daily basis.

FTSE Canada also offers Indexes on the following Debt Types: High Yield Bonds, Maple Bonds, Money Market Instruments, Strip Bonds, Real Return Bonds, Mortgage Backed Securities, Floating Rate Notes, Convertible Bonds.

FTSE Canada has created a suite of thematic and alternatively weighted indexes, including Laddered Bond Indexes, Liquidity Screened Bond Indexes, as well as capped, screened or blended indexes such as the HYBRID Bond Index.