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Global Markets Research
FTSE Global Markets Research offers institutional investors timely capital-market analysis and insights across asset classes, regions, currencies, industries and styles. The Market Maps suite of reports analyze global market trends and are provided at FTSE Russell's discretion to clients and others in the investment industry on a complimentary basis.
Index Research
FTSE Russell publishes a range of monthly reviews designed specifically for institutional investors who require timely, comprehensive, and reliable month-end data on FTSE Russell's flagship index families.

Latest Reports
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Research Spotlight: Factors
Alternative approaches to multi-factor index construction: Like-for-like comparisons  
Factor Indexes and Factor Exposure Matching: Like-for-Like Comparisons
Web-based analytical tool that allows users to visualize factor exposures and simulate performance outcomes of single and multi-factor indexes. Apply and control factor and ESG exposures using any indexes from the FTSE Russell index universe, or load portfolios to assess factor exposures, overlay additional exposures and analyze key performance drivers.