FTSE Market Maps

Comprehensive, global capital-markets analysis and insights for better investment decision-making

Welcome to Market Maps, the umbrella heading for a suite of monthly and quarterly publications created by the FTSE Global Markets Research (GMR) team. This series of reports covers a wide range of timely observations and analysis of global capital-market trends for better investment decision-making.

Market Maps reports are produced exclusively for FTSE Russell clients. Subscribed users are notified by email when each publication is published.

Monthly Performance Report

Monthly overview of global performance across asset classes, geographies, industries, factors and currencies over various time periods, highlighted via informative charts and succinct market commentary.

Equity Market Drivers Report

Monthly synthesis of significant shifts in the global economic outlook, financial conditions, earnings trends, valuations and sentiment across regions, as viewed from our proprietary, multidimensional indicators.

Regional Factor Indicator Report

Quarterly chartbook review of global and regional factor performances, sector exposures, rotation drivers and macro sensitivities, drawn from FTSE Russell's flagship index data and proprietary analytics.

Fixed Income Insight Report

A monthly overview of the global fixed-income markets, analyzing FX-adjusted performance and major shifts in yields and yield curves across conventional, inflation-linked, corporate and MBS indexes.

* The Industrial Classification Benchmark (ICB) is a globally recognized standard for categorizing companies and securities, with approximately 75,000 securities worldwide classified by the system. See www.icbenchmark.com for more information.

FTSE Global Market Research (GMR)

With its global lens, FTSE Global Market Research offers institutional investors timely capital-market analysis and insights across asset classes,regions, currencies, industries and styles.

The reports are provided at FTSE Russell's discretion to clients and others in the investment industry on a complimentary basis.

FTSE Russell also publishes a range of monthly reviews designed specifically for institutional investors who require timely, comprehensive and reliable month-end data on FTSE Russell's flagship index families.