Global Investment Research Reports

Market navigation insights provided via a suite of monthly and quarterly reports. These publications offer timely capital-market analysis and insights across asset classes, regions, currencies, industries, and styles for better investment decision-making.

Subscribers are notified by email when each report is published.

Market Maps - Monthly Performance
  • Monthly overview of global performance
  • Multiple asset classes, geographies, industries, factors and currencies
  • Informative charts and commentary
  • 4 versions: Local, USD, GBP and Japan
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Market Maps - Factor Indicator
  • Quarterly chartbook review
  • Global and regional factor performances, sector exposures, rotation drivers and macro sensitivities
  • Drawn from FTSE Russell's flagship index data and proprietary analytics
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Market Maps - Fixed Income Insights
  • Monthly overview of fixed-income markets
  • FX-adjusted performance, shifts in global yields, curves and spreads
  • Conventional, inflation-linked, corporate and MBS indexes
  • 6 versions: US, UK, Eurozone, Canada, China and Japan
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Sustainable Investment Insights
  • Published quarterly
  • A summary of key risk and climate characteristics
  • ESG, Green Revenues and carbon reduction uplifts to industries
  • A comparison of industry active weights and allocation effects; their impact on, and links to, the regional macroeconomic cycle
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